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기사입력 2020-10-20 [10:24]

Column New Concepts National Management Forum Chairman Hwang Young-seok

Translated by Immanuel Seoul Church Rev. Paul D. Khang


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Trump's line of "China is our enemy" was dangerous, but it served as an opportunity to revive the manufacturing industry in the U.S.


His pragmatic line has secured more Democratic-leaning workers as supporters, and at least before the outbreak of the "Corona 19" was a valid card. However, President Trump's success in the presidential election has put President Trump at the biggest barrier in the U.S. presidential election due to the "pendemics" that began in Wuhan, China.


In fact, though China's communism is realistically composed of 90 percent of the dominated class and 10 percent of the ruling class, and the slogan of co-production and co-distribution is fraud, they are stitching them up with the most influential money in reality, among other things, to turn influential figures in the United States into pro-China figures.


Since China will naturally approach not only government figures but also journalists who wield the most influence in the 50 states of the United States at the fastest pace, the truth is always known after events have passed.


Most influential media in the U.S. have intervened in the U.S. presidential election to secure their influence, and they already show off their power as four parts of power after administration, legislation and justice, rather than fairness.


Trump, who was blessed by Jesus, who was resurrected three days after his death, was cured and confirmed negative just three days after he was diagnosed positive for Corona 19, and was recovered by the wise judgment that he chose to be administered even though it was a Riseneron antibody drug that was being tested before FDA approval


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The U.S. presidential election predicted that Hillary Clinton would win more than Trump four years ago in 2016, but Donald Trump actually stood as the leader of the U.S. and the world by reversing Hillary Clinton's 232 votes with 306 votes in an election that would win if he secured 270 of the 538 delegates.




In the last presidential election, 81 percent of the Christian Evangelists, who were active supporters of Trump, are believed to have contributed to his election by supporting Trump, but about 30 million of them still did not vote. It would also be encouraging for Trump's campaign that in previous elections, up to about 30 million of these unvoted voters affected by his evangelical line are now united in support of Trump.




According to the results of various polls compiled by Real Clear Polytics (RCP), a political website, from the 2nd to the 15th, Biden's national approval rating stood at 51.2 percent, 8.9 percent ahead of President Trump's 42.3 percent.




With 18 days left before the 2016 presidential election, Hillary led President Trump in Michigan (11.6 percentage points), Pennsylvania (6.2 percentage points), Wisconsin (7.0 percentage points), Florida (4.0 percentage points), North Carolina (2.5 percentage points), and Arizona (1.3 percentage points), but the results were reversed.




Currently, Biden is ahead in Michigan (6.7 percentage points), Pennsylvania (6.4 percentage points), and Wisconsin (6.3 percentage points), while Biden (1.7 percentage points), North Carolina (2.7 percentage points), and Arizona (4.0 percentage points) are ahead of the margin of error.




▲ photographs of Biden, the Republican presidential candidate of the United States.     ©더뉴스코리아





Considering the above objective facts, the following predictions can be made about the U.S. presidential election.


First, Trump's healing three days after "effectively reducing virus levels and improving symptoms" with the antibody drug of Riseneron, which was under clinical trials, will rally Christians praying for him, and is the advantage of providing Riseneron free of charge to anyone infected with Corona 19 in the U.S., where medical costs are high.


Second, Trump has attracted investment from around the world and kept China in check before Corona 19, while Biden has not made a big difference in four states - Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan - where Democrats are gauging the direction of the U.S. presidential election. This is a reassuring element for Trump and Republicans, and for Biden and Democrats, a destabilizing factor.


Third, just 18 days before the election, the video of Biden's son Hunter's alleged "drug and sexual relations" in Ukraine was blocked on Facebook for unclear sources of the article, but it was lifted from Twitter, turning it into a sudden negative issue whether Biden could maintain public opinion to the last minute.


Nevertheless, in the process of securing a final victory in the uncontrollable U.S. presidential election, it seems more time-consuming to predict who will win 270 out of 538 votes.









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